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PT.Qualis Indonesia was set up in January 2012, as part of the company's strategy to better meet the growing demand for testing services in Indonesia.

PT.Qualis Indonesia is a private testing laboratory with a back to back agreement and exclusive working arrangement with PT.TUV SUD PSB INDONESIA to provide testing services throughtout Indonesia in the area of Softline (Leather, Textiles and other related products) and regulatory testing laboratory for Electrical Cable.

TUV SUD (headquarters in Munich-German) had over 140 years of experience in the field of safety and quality.

With the solid working agreement, we're ready to help your company business by adding value to the products and we are strongly committed to quality because we know that our customers depend on it.

We help customer to meet the growing challenges of safety and quality and help them to reach global market.
PT. Qualis Indonesia’s Electrical Cable Laboratory provides testing service in the field of power cable industry. Consists of several types of testing:

1. YH-7155EA AC Withstand Voltage Tester
     - Voltage test

2. WXT-III Water Batch
     - Water absorption test
     - Voltage test immerse in water
     - Insulation resistance immerse in water

3. 3455 High Voltage Insulation Hi Tester
     - Insulation resistance

4. 2316 Mili Ohm Meter Resistomat
     - Conductor resistance

5. 4329 A High Resistance Meter & Resistivity Cell
     - Volume resistivity

6. QN-I Flexibility Tester
     - Flexing test

1. CZ-8013 Servo Control Low and High Temperature Tensile Strength Machine
     - Cold Elongation test

2. CZ-8002 Servo Control Tensile Strength Machine
     - Tensile strength & Elongation test

3. CZ-8000A Servo Control Tensile Strength Machine
     - Tensile strength & Elongation test

4. CPJ-3010Z Profile Projector for Dimension Measurement.
     - Measurement of thickness
     - Measurement of overall dimension

5. HV-1000B Load Vickers Hardness Tester (Microscope)
     - Hardness test

6. HC-500S Hardness Tester/HC Wheel Manual Test Stand
     - Determination of elastic modulus

7. HM-1K Hardness Tester
     - Determination of hardness

8. CZ-80ZY Vibration Tester
     - Vibration test (sinusoidal).

9. CZ-280 Xenon Light Resistant to Climate Testing
     - Xenon UV test.

10. CZ-UV UV Resistant to Climate Testing Machine
     - UV test for photovoltaic (PV) modules

11. CZ-45 Ventilator-Aging Test Machine
     - Aging on insulation & Sheath test.
     - Aging on complete cable test.

12. CZ-150 Ozone Aging Test Machine
     - Ozone aging test.

13. CZ-A150D Programmable Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine
     - Low temperature chambers test.
     - High temperature chambers test.

14. CZ-902A High-Precision Circulator Exact Oven
     - Pressure test.
     - Heat shock test.
     - Shrinkage test.

15. YH-8731 Oxygen & Air Bomb Aging Chamber
     - Ageing in an air bomb & oxygen bomb test.

16. BBD-2 Conductive Layer Of The Cable Incubator
     - Resistivity of semi-conducting screen test.

17. LHX-II Oven For Hot Set
     - Pressure test at high temperature
     - Hot set test.

18. WD-270C Cold Chamber
     - Cold bending
     - Cold Impact


1. NH-11 Fire Resistant Test 
     - Fire Alone 
     - Fire with Water 
     - Fire with Mechanical Shock 

2. SL-1Halogen Content Tester 
     - Acid Gas Emission Test 
     - Measuring the pH-value and conductivity 

3. Smoke Density Tester

     - Smoke Emission Test on Cable 

4. Single Flame Reterdance Test device

     - Flame Spread test on single cables 

5. Flame Reterdance Tester 
     - Flame spread test on bunched cables

6. HC-2 Oxygen Index Tester 
     - Oxygen Index (LOI) 

7. TH-1 Carbon black Content Tester

     - Carbon black Content test 

8. RWDX-1 Thermal Stability test Apparatus 
     - Thermal Stability test 

9. WQ- Wire Bending Tester

     - Wire Bending Test 

10. GDH-2 Constant Temperature Oil Bath
     - After Immersion in hot oil

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